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Klaine Fic: The Tales of 19 Kinks.


Happy Birthday Gabby ♥

Summary: They just want to get away. They’re tired of New York. They’re tired of deadlines. They’re tired of stress. They’re tired of the constant buzz and energy and they just want to have some time to unwind. 
Finally, everything falls into place. They have a week off and Blaine’s just graduated from NYU. Afraid of joining the ‘real world’ of high work and stress, they escape for a week and take the time to revel in each other’s touch and love.

Written By: cagedbirdsan-alternate-worldyoumovedmekurtpureklainationunshurtugal and cubbybuddies.

Art: crisscockfer Gif: christopherpcolf

Beta’d by: an-alternate-world

Word Count: 25k of pure PWP

Warnings: ALL THE WARNINGS.  Threesome (Puck), Voyeurism, Showersex, Toys, Desksex, Face fucking, Versatile!Klaine, Mutual Masturbation, Light D/s + Powerplay, Orgasm Denial, Power-Bottom, Food Play, Somnophilia, Rimming, Dirty Talk, Spanking, Crossdressing, Bondage, Complay, Breathplay, Sweetsex, 69, Blowjobs, Hottubsex, unrealistic amount of orgasms. and exhibitionism. It’s porn.

Rating: hazard a guess at NC17?


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