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Fic: Watch Your Mouth (NC-17)

Word Count: 5000

Pairing: Klaine/Santana

Summary: A game of seven minutes in heaven gets somewhat out of control, but that’s okay because it turns out Kurt doesn’t mind watching. 

A/N: So once upon a time Katy asked me to write a graphic description of Blaine going down on a girl. So I did. Because I’ve always wanted to and hey why not. The title is from So Emotional and the fic is set somewhere during their college years, idk it doesn’t really matter. Very little plot, just gays having sex. 

Blaine was drunk.

Not that drunk, but drunk enough for the room to swirl pleasantly around him. For him to lean happily against Kurt’s shoulder, digging his socked feet into the warmth of Kurt’s thigh as they watched the circle of people around them.

Drunk enough to wonder vaguely where his shoes were, before deciding he didn’t mind so much.

“Blaine! Your turn!”

“Do I -”

“Don’t even finish that question,” James said, pushing the empty vodka bottle towards him and apparently being at college, being deemed responsible adults and being finally legally able to drink, didn’t prevent students from playing ridiculous High School make out games whenever parties started to wind down after midnight.

The bottle was cool against his clammy hand, fingerprints smeared across the sticky glass as Blaine flicked his wrist and let it spin and twirl. Hard enough to skitter across the wooden floor, sliding a few inches to the side as it spun round and round and -

Santana raised an eyebrow, her head cocked and contemplative even as a lone drip of vodka slipped from the rim to the floor.

Her eyes snapped up to meet his, lips pursed in a half-smile before she stood in one smooth motion, shimmying the blazer off her shoulders to pool around her ankles on the floor. There were catcalls; hollering from the circle around them that Blaine barely heard over the fuzziness that clouded through his brain.

Santana stooped to collect her drink from the floor, taking a deep swallow from the bottle as she strode through bodies, heels striking hard with every step. There were hands against the base of Blaine’s spine pushing him upwards towards her and Kurt’s mouth hot and breathy against his ear.

“Go get her, tiger,” low and dark enough to send heat curling down Blaine’s spine as he stumbled to his feet, head swimming with Kurt’s lips against his neck. He tripped across the floor, Santana rolling her eyes as he neared her, seizing a handful of his shirt and spinning Blaine through the door with dizzying vertigo.


The door shut tight with a snap, leaving them in muffled darkness, knees bumping as Blaine pressed his hands against the wall, steadying himself. He heard her scoff, the swish of liquid in the bottle as she drank.

Then there was a hand on his shoulder, the bottle bumping against him as she leaned closer, trapping one of his feet between her own.

“San -”

Blaine almost heard her eye roll, her breath tickling his chin.

“Oh come on, Anderson.”

“But -”

“Look, I plan on making out with someone tonight. And you have a nicer mouth than most of the girls here, so lets just do this thing.”

Blaine felt his mouth drop open slightly, thinking of the wink Kurt had tipped him as the door closed and he could smell her, something cloying and spicy like cinnamon pressed against his skin.

He meant to protest, to push her away and suggest they spend the six and a half minutes left talking or something equally mundane. To maybe remind her that they were both gay and Kurt…

But it had been three years since the fiasco that was Rachel Berry’s party; three years and they’d clearly become stable enough for Kurt to not mind if Blaine spent seven minutes trapped in a closet with a lesbian.

And so the word that came out of his mouth, shocking Blaine even as he heard it whisper through the sweltering darkness was “okay.”

Santana hummed slightly, taking one last drinking and setting the bottle down somewhere near their feet before her body pressed closer and Blaine’s hands flew from the wall to cup her face just before it met his.

“Wait,” he muttered, his thumb smoothing down the curve of her jaw to silence her noise of protest. He straightened slightly, feeling the fraction of height he had over her, even in her towering heels and tilted her face up, leaning in close and letting his lips brush oh so gently over hers.


The word ghosted over his lips, struck with a hint of annoyance and he smiled, pressing harder against her closed lips for a moment longer. Her hands closed around Blaine’s wrists, clutching them against her face and he felt her closing eyes stroke down his cheek.

“Is that it?” she muttered, her thumb rubbing over the back of his hand with a faint laugh, “Shame. Hummel was always so vocal about your -”

He cut her off, one hand tangling itself in her hair to cup the back of Santana’s head and crush her face closer.

Santana’s lips were glossy and smooth, soft as Blaine let his tongue sweep across them, sliding to the corner of her mouth and sucking the bottom lip between his teeth. Her nails dug into the back of his hand, fingers clenching around his as his teeth grazed a little deeper.

She hummed faintly, letting him drag her lip into his mouth.


Her voice was a little deeper, throaty and warm and teasing.

Blaine rolled his eyes, irritation flashing through his mind.

“Oh for the love of -”

One arm caught her around the waist, flipping their positions until she was against the wall and he could crowd into her space, feeling her chest rise with heavy breaths against his. His fingers dug into her hip over the silk of her dress, hand tightening into her hair until it was fisted between his fingers.

“Now that’s more like it,” she managed with a hint of a laugh before Blaine covered her mouth with his and felt her laugh against his tongue.

Santana tasted like tequila and something sugary and powdery that tingled across Blaine’s tongue, making it curl deeper around her mouth, licking across hers until she gasped for breath Her hands gripped at his waist, fingers scrambling across the hot skin of Blaine’s lower back and clutching his hips closer to hers, pinning her against the wall with his body.

Something about the dark and the heat, feeling her nails rake across his skin as Blaine chased Santana’s mouth with a tilt of his head, pressing deeper and harder into her, made his stomach twist hotly, and she bit back ferocious against his mouth. Her hands mapped up Blaine’s spine, catching against his shirt and clinging to his skin hard enough to make him arch into her, a thigh slipping between hers and pulling away from her mouth with a breathless pant.

There was a fractional moment before Blaine kissed her again, pressing his mouth closed and insistent over hers, enough to have her curving into his space, following his lips with a faint whine. Blaine laughed, letting her clutch at his hair and yank his mouth to hers, biting his lip hard in retaliation.

It was different, kissing her. New and strange. She didn’t move her lips the way Kurt did, motions that Blaine recognised and knew. Santana kissed like she was arguing, swirling her tongue around his and sucking it into her mouth until he couldn’t breathe, countering every move of his lips with a harder press of her own and Blaine felt his fingers curl harder into her body, some reflexive urge making him want more.

He let his lips travel lower, messy and wet over Santana’s chin and the angle of her jaw. Biting at the shift of her throat as she breathed, feeling her shiver as his tongue caught a spot at the side of her neck and her fingers clenched tighter into his hair.

Blaine wished he could see her, could respond to what made her eyes flicker shut and her mouth gasp open. But there was just blurring darkness and the faint outline of Santana’s body against the wall, her pulse beating against his lips and her hip firm under his fingers and it made heat pool in the pit of Blaine’s stomach, curling up his spine and making him shudder.

Her legs parted slightly, the heel of her shoe pressing against Blaine’s calf as she nudged him between them, rocking her hips up to meet his with a hitching breath as his half-hard cock caught against the crease of her hip and Blaine bit back a strangled moan, a jolt of hard and sudden pleasure spiking through him.

Santana wrenched his head back from where it lay against her throat, holding him for a moment before kissing him with a frantic urgency, wet hard presses of her mouth against his. Enough to make him catch his breath, to pant shallowly against her cheek and palm the base of her spine to guide her hips against his over and over, swallowing her whine of frustration.

There was a crash against the door that made Blaine freeze, his heart pounding right through his head. She turned her face to the side, cheek against his temple and eyelashes brushing the sweat of Blaine’s forehead.

“Time’s up gays - ow, fuck. Kurt! I mean guys!”

Blaine didn’t move, every inch of him frozen like a hunted animal. Santana was just as still, her breathing heavy against his ear, hands in his hair and shirt and heart pounding so hard Blaine could feel it inside his own chest.

Then her fingers were freeing him, palms against his chest pushing Blaine back so she could stoop to find the bottle still resting on the floor and he was back against the door, finding the handle and letting a shaft of light split through the darkness.

He caught Santana’s eye in the dim light, her cheeks stained red as her eyes dropped to the floor and she brushed past him, hand resting against his stomach for a moment before she was out the door and back into the room to drunken laughter.

Blaine swallowed hard, twice, fingers slipping on the handle before he turned into the room.

A few people caught his eye, grinning and giving him the thumbs up and Blaine managed a half smile, searching the circle for Kurt and his mind fuzzy with an innate sense of that was not supposed to happen.

Kurt wasn’t there, the space where Blaine had been sitting dismally empty and he managed to catch a glimpse of Santana scooping the blazer from the floor and swinging it over her shoulder as she stalker from the room, on hand on the doorframe as she swung herself into the hall.

Blaine hovered uncertainly, the game continuing unbidden by his feet and the bottle spinning again on the floor, torn between finding Kurt and following Santana when a hand caught his elbow.

“Kurt went to the bathroom.”

James was looking at him with vague amusement, something dancing in his eyes.

“Is he -”

He shrugged, letting go of Blaine’s arm and holding his hands up.

“He just said to tell you.”

Blaine nodded, hands clenching slightly at his side, head swimming as he took a step to the side towards the door, reaching out to grasp the wall. His mouth was dry, the slow burn of tequila against his tongue and Blaine made it halfway down the hall before he collapsed, body sagging against the wall and let his eyes fall shut.

He could feel sweat itching against the back of his neck, curls falling loose at his temples and his cock still half-hard against the zipper of his pants, the taste of Santana’s mouth still there when Blaine licked his lips.

The back of his neck prickled, nerves already blazing alight and every whisper of air seemed to stick to his skin as a faint pressure rubbed over his thigh, cupping and massaging the denim over his cock and Blaine moaned, hips bucking forwards into the touch before his eyes flew open.


Kurt hummed against his throat, lips resting against Blaine’s pulsepoint as he smoothed the hair away from his forehead, thumbing down over his lips. His fingers came away stained red with lipstick and glistening.

“Oh baby, look at you.”

Blaine clutched at Kurt’s shirt, twisting the fabric up over his hip and turning to press his lips against Kurt’s forehead with a whimper.

“She really did a number on you, huh.”

“Kurt,” Blaine’s voice was tight, cracking as he pawed at Kurt’s hips, bucking faster into the steady rhythm of his hand, “I don’t -”

“Hey, it’s Santana. She’s gorgeous, I get it.”

“But I’m -”

Kurt laughed against him, his voice low and throaty and nudged Blaine’s head up with his fingers until their eyes met.

“Honey, just because you enjoyed making out with your female best friend doesn’t mean you love me any less, or than you’re any less gay. Okay? And,” his head dropped against Blaine’s foreheads pressed together as his fingers pushed between Blaine’s skin and the waistband of his jeans, nails scraping across coarse hair, “I do remember you admitting once that you wondered what sex with a girl was like.”

Blaine’s breath caught in his throat, his face flushing and hips stilling in their desperation to seek more of Kurt’s touch.

“I thought you’d…I thought you didn’t -”

“Please, Blaine. I -” Kurt’s teeth dug into his own lip, eyes falling shut as a pinkness spread across his cheek, “I like the idea. Of watching you. With a woman. With…with Santana.”

“Are you -”

Kurt cut him off with a choked laugh, finding Blaine’s hand with his own and pressing them both down over where he was straining hard and hot through his jeans against Blaine’s palm.

“I really like the idea.”

“Oh Kurt.”

Blaine’s hand found the back of his neck, the other rubbing over the shape of Kurt’s cock in a rough, random pattern and jerked his head closer until their lips were smashed messily together. Kissing him frantic and wet, noisy presses of lips until they were breathless and Kurt’s eyes were heavy-lidded and dark.

“What do you think about, Kurt?” Blaine panted between kisses, mouth moving over Kurt’s jaw and up the hot flush of his cheeks, fingers fumbling with the buttons of his pants until Blaine could cup the damp cotton of his boxers.

“Do you think about me kissing her? The way I kiss you?”

Kurt’s hand had stilled, resting crushed inside Blaine’s pants as his head fell against Blaine’s collar, “yes, god yes I do,” muttered into his neck as his hand moved over the shape of Kurt’s cock, thumb sliding over the wet spot around the head.

“What about me touching her, my fingers. My tongue inside her, my -”

“Yes! Fuck, Blaine yes all of it. I want -”

“God Hummel, at least Anderson and I had the decency to get back in the closet before we started going at it.”

Blaine’s eyes flew open, hand slowing but still moving over Kurt’s erection as he spotted Santana, leaning against the wall opposite them with one eyebrow raised.


Her lips quirked slightly, eyes moving from Blaine’s to the movements of his wrist inside Kurt’s pants, back to his eyes.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve had a guy say my name like that, Hummel. Much less…well. You know.”

Blaine slid his hands from Kurt’s jeans, tearing his gaze away from Santana to raise Kurt’s head and touch their lips gently together.


Kurt looked at him, unblinking and eyes hot and heavy, lips rubbed red and cheeks stained with a dark flush. He nodded.

“San, we have a proposition for you,” Blaine said, not looking away from Kurt but he saw her arms fold across her chest from the corner of his eye.

“I want…I want Blaine to go down on you.”

Blaine heard her intake of breath from across the hall, the shift of fabric as she straightened up and then -


“And I want to watch.”


Kurt frowned slightly, confusion driving a groove between his brows as he turned his head away to catch look at her.

“Oh. Um. That’s all.”

Blaine looked up at her, hip jutted to the side and hands resting loose on her hips.


“Oka- that’s it?”

Santana shrugged one arm, striding towards them and letting her fingers dance across Kurt’s shoulders.

“Look, I’m potentially getting an orgasm I don’t have to work for out of this, and the worst case just leaves me with a truckload of dirt to blackmail you two with for the next decade. It’s really a win-win scenario and you’re actually expecting me to refuse?”

And with that she was off down the hall, fingers sliding the length of Kurt’s arm as she sauntered away, the tequila bottle still dangling from her fingers. She paused and dipped inside an open doorway, lips pursing in thought before beckoning them towards her with a jerk of her head.

“This’ll do.”

“I-what? Santana no! We’re not -”

“You wanna do this?”

Kurt rolled his eyes, linking his fingers with Blaine’s and tugging them both towards her.

“Yes. But not…here. In someone else’s bed. With our friends in the next room!”

Santana rolled her eyes, dropping the bottle onto a chair and seizing a handful of their shirts, hauling them bodily into the room behind her and turning to lock the door.

Blaine looked over his shoulder, surveying the tiny room they were about to so carelessly hijack; the piles of books and hastily made bed.

“Look, were you planning on driving tonight?”

Kurt’s arm wound its way around Blaine’s waist, holding them both steady and upright as he leaned heavily against his side. His nose rubbed at Blaine’s jaw for a moment, brushing up his cheek and dropping a light kiss to his skin.


“Well then,” she shrugged out of her blazer, laying it across the desk, “We get this done tonight and then tomorrow it’ll all seem like a very strange memory. One we never speak of.”

With that Santana gripped the hem of her dress, pulling it up her thighs and over her head, dropping it on the floor and running her fingers through her hair. Blaine’s throat was suddenly dry, Kurt’s fingers playing with his bottom lip where his mouth fell open.

She took a step towards them and Blaine jolted, his heart thudding in his chest. Santana scoffed.

“Don’t tell me I’ve scared him off with the sudden revelation of ladyparts.”

“He’s fine,” Kurt kiss his cheek, pressing the tequila bottle into Blaine’s hand and letting his fingers scrape slowly down his shirt, dragging over each button and making goosebumps rise up Blaine’s spine. Kurt pulled the shirt fully out of Blaine’s pants, laying his palm where Blaine’s stomach was clenching and his cock throbbed.

He’d been hard for so long, but not desperately. It wasn’t rapid and frantic, it was heavy and slow. Something building and filling Blaine entirely, curling his toes into the carpet and making his fingers tighten around the neck of the bottle.

Santana stepped forwards, sliding her body into Blaine’s space and wrapping one arm around his neck. They were pressed together, hip to chest and she was small and warm against him, lips shining red and wide in the dim light of the room. Blaine took one last swallow of tequila before reaching down to kiss her, letting the bitter taste wash away the plastic taste of her lipstick, one hand resting lightly on the curve of her hip.

“Fucks sake Anderson,” she muttered, pulling away just enough to speak “This isn’t a TV show on Fox, kiss me properly.”

He felt Kurt’s hands smooth up his back, mouth pressing wet and insistent against the back of Blaine’s neck, catching that spot under his ear that made Blaine whimper, clutching at Santana’s back and yanking her closer.

She made a surprised noise, muffled by his mouth as he pushed his tongue past her lips, hands up her spine crowding her even closer as Kurt’s tongue flicked across Blaine’s earlobe.

Santana was moving, walking him backwards until Blaine tipped backwards onto the bed and she straddled his lap, mouths still forced and breathing hard together in a messy pattern. His hand found her hair, pushing it away from her face and digging his fingers into the soft curls, tilting her head harder towards his and she rocked in Blaine’s lap, a firm jolt of pressure over his cock that made him gasp.

He fell back onto his elbows, neck straining painfully towards her, Santana’s thighs gripping tight around his own as the arm around his shoulders held him still. Her teeth caught at his lip, sharp and sparking fiercely through him, enough to make Blaine’s hips jerk and a surprised groan crack from his throat.

He caught her by the waist and she was light enough to flip over, bouncing against the mattress on her back and Blaine falling between her knees, hands either side of her face. Santana grinned at him, her lips bitten red and eyes heavy and dark.

Blaine felt Kurt peel the shirt from his back, pressing kisses over the exposed skin of his spine, his hands cupping Blaine’s hips and tongue drawing random patterns between his shoulderblades. He touched a finger to the hollow of Santana’s throat, letting the pad of his finger trace down her chest, between the soft curve of her breasts and towards her navel. He watched her skin tremble, stomach clenching slightly and goosebumps rising across her skin, her faint catch of breath as his finger stilled between her hipbones.

He glanced up to catch her eye, her gaze softer than usual. Not mocking or derisive like it normally was; but wide and honest and patient.

Blaine raised himself up onto his knees, pulling his jeans down and dropping them to the floor before lowering himself back between her legs, dragging his palms down the smooth skin of her waist.

Something thrilled through Blaine’s body, the way he felt when he dropped to his knees in front of Kurt, and he pressed a wet kiss to her abdomen, letting his mouth linger as he shimmied down the bed to rest more comfortably between her thighs.

Blaine turned his head, catching Kurt’s lips hard between his own before Kurt moved away and the fell beside Santana, one hand stroking through Blaine’s hair before coming to rest on her thigh. Blaine’s chin bumped across the lace of her underwear, teeth grazing the smooth skin above it before he pulled it down and off her legs, cupping her thighs and holding her open just to look.

Blaine leant in, nuzzling gently at the skin of her inner thigh and felt it shift under his cheek, letting his tongue press against the crease of her thigh, closing his eyes and breathing her in. She smelled the way her skin tasted, like girl and sweat and the unmistakable flavour of sex that left Blaine’s tongue watering.

He look a deep breath, letting the air gust over her enough to make her hips twitch, a small noise sounding from her mouth, before he leaned forwards and licked long and wet across her exposed skin.

She was smooth, god so smooth and silky wet. Slick and shining and her taste dissolved on his tongue, leaving an urgent crave in the back of Blaine’s throat. Her hips rocked upwards against his mouth as he licked her again, urging more and Blaine let his tongue press flat against her, letting it drag as slow as he could between her lips.

Santana sighed, light and breathy as her fingers wound down to his hair, smoothing across his forehead with shaky fingers and pushing him lightly against her.

Blaine tried again, running the point of his tongue down her, pressing deeper, seeking the spots that made her moan, her fingers tightening into his hair, the flicks of his tongue that made her hold him a little harder, a little closer.

His mouth closed over her clit, catching it between his teeth and her hips jerked, Blaine’s name flying from her lips as she strained upwards against his mouth. He smiled against her, rubbing his tongue in gentle circles, holding his thighs and feeling them clench under his fingers. He shifted one leg over his shoulder, letting the heel of her shoe dig hard into his back.

“Fuck! Blaine, right there”

Blaine slid his hand under her thigh, over the swell of her ass the bracket the base of Santana’s spine, lifting her hips towards his mouth and holding her there. His jaw ached but he moved his tongue faster, dipping between her folds and back up to close around her clit until her nails scraped through his hair.

He wanted to make her scream his name, to arch off the bed towards him until she was panting and sweating, flushed and desperate under his mouth.

But it seemed to be just out of his reach, her hips bucking in tiny movements against his tongue, rocking into his mouth and her foot sliding down his spine, letting him build her to a steady rhythm but not enough.

Blaine…I,” Santana’s throat cracked around his name, her words dry and husky, “I need more…”

He made a muffled noise against her, the vibrations humming against her skin enough to make her laugh breathlessly.
“Come on!”

“God you’re bossy,” he muttered, pulling away and pressing kisses to her wet skin, across her clit and down her folds.

“And you’re a fucking tease, Anderson. God you were doing so well.”

“Really?” he said with a grin, and she looked down at him, rolling her eyes and pulling his hair with a sharp tug. Kurt snorted, pressing his face into the pillow to stifle his laughter but Blaine didn’t miss the way his hand had been palming over his jeans.

“I’m not gonna say it again, just - oh!”

Blaine pushed two fingers inside her, making her head fall back against the pillows and back arch slightly, feeling her clench hot and wet around him. Her hand pressed his head closer, forcing his mouth against her and Blaine was only so happy to comply, thrilling on the feel of her trembling and moaning under him.

Something brushed the top of his head and Blaine looked up, sliding his fingers in a building rhythm as Kurt’s hand brushed down over her stomach, nails grazing thin red lines between her ribs and up to slip inside the dark lace of her bra.

His mouth swallowed Santana’s gasp and Blaine worked his fingers faster, swirling his tongue in hard circles before slowing and letting it rest barely against her. Enough to make her whimper in frustration, thigh tight against his neck and tongue fighting hard and breathless against Kurt’s mouth.

Her movements were getting jerkier, her body stiffening and clenching around his fingers and she was burning hot and slick against his tongue, rocking up and freezing. She cried out, one hand holding his face still and the other clutching Kurt’s hair, and Blaine felt her throb under his tongue. Felt the desperate ache of her body as she rode out her orgasm against his mouth with a muffled moan against Kurt’s lips.

She seemed to freeze for a moment, breathing hard and Blaine dared shift his tongue against her, making her whole frame jolt with a cry. She tugged him up, giving him a filthy glare and dragging his mouth against her own, forcing her tongue into his mouth to lick her own taste from his and Blaine couldn’t hold back his groan, one thigh falling between hers and feeling her press wet against his skin.

There was a scrambling of hands against the back of Blaine’s neck, Kurt tugging him away to crash their mouths together and Blaine felt his arms tremble where he held himself up over her body, his cock hard and aching against Santana’s thigh.

Her fingers stroked through his hair, rubbing lazily down his spine as Kurt’s hand closed over Blaine’s boxers, shoving them down and fisting his erection, fast and rough with a hard twist as he reached the head.

“Fuck that was hot,” Kurt was panting against his mouth, his voice the tight whine it reached when he was close and Blaine knew he was touching himself, “God baby, you’re so good.

Santana’s mouth was resting against Blaine’s throat, tongue moving across him in languid movements, catching behind his ear and that was all he needed to push him to the brink, arms buckling as he cried out. Kurt’s hand didn’t slow, his face screwed tight as he gasped Blaine’s name.

Blaine’s body rested heavily across Santana’s, Kurt’s hand trapped between their stomachs and hers lying at the base of his spine for a moment, before she laughed and pushed him up and off her. Blaine’s arms were loose and useless, barely holding his weight as he crashed onto the bed beside Kurt.

He tilted his head up to look at her, laughing at the look of faint disgust across her face as Santana surveyed the smears of come that painted her stomach.

“Gross,” she muttered, shifting back up onto her elbows.

Blaine grinned, rolling to the side and pressing his mouth to her ribs, one arm landing over her hips to hold her down as his tongue licked the white streaks from her skin before falling back against the sheets beside her, eyes drooping closed.

Blaine felt Kurt’s mouth trace lightly over his, tongue dipping between his lips to lick Blaine’s come from his mouth with a contented sigh.

“So, still gay?” Santana said, curling her body beside them with her smirk firmly in place. Blaine raised an eyebrow and glanced down, letting his eyes drag slowly down her flushed naked body. He craned his head to the other side, to where Kurt was smiling dazedly at him.

“Sorry. But yes.”

“Hmm,” she said, eyes fluttering, “Shame.”

“What about you?”

Her eyes opened, dropping to fix between his legs and she pursed her lips.


“So this was just -”

“The exception that proves the rule?” she finished, her smile breaking into a yawn against the back of her hand.

Blaine laughed rolling to the side to face her, one hand linking with Kurt’s where it lay across his waist and pulling him closer, so his back was slotted against Kurt’s chest.

“Something like that.”

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